Tuesday, January 06, 2009

B-Fest Update Number 2

Realizations always come at the worst time.

I just realized I'm going 90 after I passed that cop.

I just realized I left the lid off the milk last night as my toddler daughter screams for her morning fix.

I just realized Frank Miller made me hate Sam Jackson AND boobs with one movie.

You know, stuff like that. I had one of those moments yesterday when I realized that my B-Fest ticket rested on the peddling skills of a bald, bespeckled, approaching middle-aged guy I had met maybe 5 times who I wouldn't put money on to make it across Chicago on his bike in January.

Yet, here we are - four guys with four tickets to B-Fest. So let's all raise whatever we're drinking to Skip, the man with the tickets. A good guy, a strong guy, a guy who went through urban hell on two wheels so we could sit in cinematic hell for 24 hours. What a guy, I repeat




Now that we're clear of that, onto the update.

Not only is "The Van" set, but I have an appointment the week before B-Fest to take it in to Wal-Mart's auto center for an oil change, tire pressure test and a few more diagnostic procedures to make sure we make it there and back. Both are important. Which brings me to the question, when do we want to leave? I am off of work at noon on Wednesday the 28th, meaning I could bop down to Omaha at a reasonable freaking hour the night before we're due to leave. Chad, if you're up for that, let me know. If not, we'll hop on the road at 4 a.m. Thursday morning and we're off.

I'll bring my lap top, Matt, bring your big screen portable DVD player, and we'll all bring a bunch of movies, throw them in the middle and see what sounds good. Personally, I'm searching for Chicago films, with a few other "must brings" on the list.

Thursday, once we're there, it's the typical "meet up in the lobby, go clean up then off to food and the Hali Kahiki" type of thing. Groovy. The morning before the fest, Chad and I talked about maybe catching "My Bloody Valentine" in 3-D. Is it wrong that's my most anticipated movie right now? If that's not the consensus, I'd also like to catch "The Wrestler." Cinematic steak before a gorging of cinematic Vienna Sausage from a can.

And, that's about it for now. Next week, we'll talk more about how dreamy Skip is.



Blogger Jack Shaftoe said...

The way it looks now, I'll have to work Wednesday evening, but I'm off by 9-930 at the latest. If you want to come down then, gentlemen, you're welcome to...it seemed to work ok last year, though I'd personally try for more than a couple hour's sleep that night.

1:07 PM  

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