Friday, January 11, 2008


First off, the B-Fest line up is really decent this year. I've been watching the trailers and cannot wait for - among other films - Tentacles, Zardoz, Black Samson and Empire of the Ants. Xanadu could be brilliant or crash, especially in that time slot. Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla will be like really good chili on a fluffy pancake.

But there's another reason I'm looking forward to the 'fest this year beyond seeing "The Creature" rise for the third time. I sort of need it this year. In fact, looking at the changes we've all undergone in 07, I think we might all be in serious need of Geek Christmas.

Not to go too much into it, but a new kid is a one-way ticket to pissed off-ville. You have far less sleep, far less money and far more responsibility. That's not to say these negatives aren't cancelled out in a grand way by the wonderment the new little creature brings, it's just to say 5 hours of sleep or less for a month will make anyone a little edgy. And their wife. Who then yells at you and you yell back at her and then the older kid cries and you have to explain to a sobbing four-year-old that sometimes mommys and daddys yell and it's OK because we love each other and why don't we go downstairs and play with your Digital Art Studio for a while? And then you get 5 hours of sleep that night and get in your car to go to work in the morning and your "Check Engine" light comes on and you take it to the dealership only to find out it's your gas cap that's not securely fastened so you feel like a giant douche and your wife yells again at the $35 it cost for a mechanic to tell you to fasten your gas cap, and you redouble your yelling efforts because you feel like a douche and then get 4 hours of sleep that night. Or something like that.

There are other hardships, if you want to call them that in the pampered life we all lead, that I'm planning to completely drop once we hit the road. I plan on bringing a lot of things to B-Fest this year, but emotional baggage will not be among them. I plan to have a good time with good friends and push my mind and body to the breaking point in the auditorium. I'm coming at this sucker with a nut cup in my pants and a Brawndo in each hand. It's got what plants crave.

By this time next week I'll be in downtown Evanston shopping, ticket in my pocket. I cannot freaking wait.


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