Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Comedy Show

A few things need to be explained right up front.

Here's the first one: The person writing this post is Mike, not Matt. The reason? Mike isn't smart enough to separate his work Blogger account with his personal Blogger account, so when he changes jobs, the one blended account suddenly becomes...OK I completely forgot what the log in is. Completely. I've spent about an hour trying different combos, and nothing. I can't even hack my own head. So I, Mike, and stealing Matt's account. Thanks, buddy.

The second thing - if you're reading this post you probably received an invitation to the Mike's 30th birthday party Aug. 11 at The Grand Theater in beautiful downtown Grand Island (and if you haven't received one, go ahead and ask. He's easy that way). And, chances are pretty good you've thought to yourself, "wow, what a conceded thing to do for your birthday," to which there is really no defense. I'm throwing myself a party so I can get enough people in one place to listen to me attempt stand-up comedy. It's pretty big headed of me, if you think about it.

But here's the thing: If "milestone" birthdays are about anything, it's about taking stock, right? You look at what have you done, what do you want to do, that sort of thing. You come to grips with this new station in your life and you move forward. In the "taking stock" process, I realized how much I've wanted to do this, how much I want this under my belt. I also realized, this isn't something a lot of people get to do, and I have a lot of people in my life who might support me in this type of ego-centric activity. That's a self-deprecating way of saying I really like you people and appreciate you being down with this.

Now, I have no plans of quitting my job and hitting the road as a stand-up after Aug. 11. In fact, I'd like to start tempering expectations right now. I probably won't be brilliant or ground breaking, and that's fine. What I will do is bust my hump to make sure everyone has a good time. I think, aside from an amazing act of egotism, this could be a really fun party.

That's my ramble. Now if you're interested more in the mechanics (the when, the where, more on the why), I'll be posting again soon. Under the name Hiro Protaganist. Which isn't my name.

Thanks and check back. I'm really looking forward to this.



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