Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tales From The Black Hole, 1/2/07

The way THE BLACK HOLE OF DES MOINES effects people can be varied and vast. Take the story of Mark Adler, a young man on a road trip, with a fresh loaf of his mother's Banana Bread on the passenger side's seat.

While Adler was on a trip from his home of Colorado Springs to visit his uncle in Chicago, he hit the road early one morning, vowing to save his favorite food for a mid-afternoon snack. Around the time he hit THE BLACK HOLE OF DES MOINES he could hold his desire no longer and tore off the celophane. It took only three miles for the whole loaf to be consumed.

The rest of the trip went without incident, until 22 years later when, on a family trip with his wife and teen-aged children, he drove through THE BLACK HOLE OF DES MOINES while drinking a diet cola.

As many do after consuming a diet cola, he began to belch, but soon found something odd - his belches tasted like BANANA BREAD! The BLACK HOLE OF DES MOINES strikes again.


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