Wednesday, January 10, 2007

B-Fest Update No. 5

They’ve black. They’re bold. They’ve got a plan against The Man. They’re reading B-Fest Update No. 5!

Gents, the good news keeps on rolling, and this week it’s of a humorous variety. First, our weekly update from Wyatt:


Sounds good on the transparency.

Yes, you will have two sponsor tickets, and 1 general admission on reserve.

Also, your first sponsorship check finally turned up in my mailbox today.
I'll be sure to shred it.

Maybe the Black Hole got it.


Can you beat that with a stick? That Wyatt, what a cut up.

So, during the sold out fest, our tickets are secure. The transparency, I’ll inquire about later this week, as I think CopyCat Printing here in town could get that done, and I know a couple of people down there. Update pending.

Good news item number 2. A week from Thursday (Jan. 18) my father will be dropping off the car, so Chad and Mike can drive straight through to Omaha. I’m thinking I’ll be at Chad’s front door between 4:30 and 5 a.m., closer to 4:30 I’d guess. That puts us in Omaha around 7, through Des Moines at 9:30 or so, and then all bets are off. With any luck we can hit the McDonalds in Iowa City by lunch time, wolf down our food lest we are tied to the Ronald statue and sacrificed, and be in Chicago late afternoon-ish.

At that point we’ll hook up with the BMMB (those who could make it) and we’ll be set. I’m bringing a bunch of movies (the DVD case I got for Christmas holds 24), charging up the battery and working, again, on a “special” piece of entertainment I hope comes in. Fingers crossed. Hint: It’s not “Ultimate Sluts.”

A couple of other modern items
-I’m a moron. On Chad’s fantastic graphic, the address to TBHODMAS isn’t listed. No reason to change what we’re doing. Sorry I brought it up.
-I e-mailed my contact at the Shedd and she was interested in knowing when we’d be coming through. I told her late morning, like 11:30 or noon, though that’s not set in stone.
- Notice the chainsaw and the book that looks a little familiar in the background. BTW, after I saw this commercial I went out and spent $4.36 on Old Spice Body Wash. When Sarah asked me why, I said “Because Bruce Campbell told me to!” Seriously, what else do you need?
-Any word on who’s coming with us to Shedd? Do we need anyone else?
-Last thing. My kid has a postponed Christmas program at 4 p.m. The Sunday we get back. I know that’s a tall order to get back by 4 (last year it was about 7 I think), so I won’t ask it of you. I will, however, not be bringing the video camera. It sounds like audio, again.

‘Till next week. 15 days left. Time...ticking...closer......


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