Tuesday, January 16, 2007

B-Fest Update No. 6

Who is this vile creature who has an unsatiable love for the dead? B-Fest Update No. 6!

Whew. When I agreed to 8 of these things, I knew I was overreaching, as I tend to do because I suck. But there continues to be news, which doesn’t suck, even though I continue to suck. So in a way, it doesn’t suck at all. Why am I flashing back to my Freshman year of college? Anyway...

-I am in position of our 2004 Buick LaSabre as of today, eight whole days before we need it. If you remember from last year it’s roomy, but the Serius Radio is gone and the car has an odd squeak when it first starts up. I’m told not to worry about it as a mechanic has looked at it and said ‘don’t worry.’
“If you break down somewhere in Illinois, let me know because I’m going to go kick some ass,” my father said on the subject. That’s good enough for me.

-The transparencies are in and they are glorious. I ordered four, as that was the lowest number I could order and have CopyCat do the job, so we each get one as a keepsake. Seriously, they’re great, and a keepsake you probably won’t find in stores.

-I’ve e-mailed Brittney Wiley, our contact at the Shedd. She usually takes about a week to respond so we’ll hear soon enough, though my wife has e-mailed her and is fairly confident the 5 tickets are set. They have Dolphins and Sharks according to www.sheddaquarium.org. I like Dolphins.

-I have a new scheme this year, tell me what you think. After each movie or short ends, I’m going to make a comment in my voice recorder. Hopefully by the end, we’ll be able to overcome that whole “what shorts were there again?” problem and get a good laugh before I careen us off the road on the way home. BTW, Chad, did you ever finish your B-Fest 06 wrap up on 3B Theater? I went there and I think it’s missing the last page, or the last page never materialized. I’ve been reading the old ones, remembering B-Fests gone by and smiling a whole lot.

Odds and Ends
-If I can be personal, how much money are y’all bringing? If it’s significantly higher than my amount I might be able to talk Sarah into selling my child’s savings bonds for college or something.
-Is it still just the three of us for the Shedd on Friday?
-I noticed on the BMMB the moderator wanted a head count. Why?
-Why does Snoop Dog need an umbrella? Fo’ Drizzle.
-Again with the schedule: We leave GI around 4:30, in Omaha by 7 or so, Iowa City for lunch, Black Hole willing, and onto Evanston by late afternoon. Nerd Funk Ho!!

8 Days, not counting today and Thursday, and counting. Oh boy are we counting.


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