Thursday, January 03, 2008

B-Fest Update No. 3

What's the nerdiest thing you're doing to count down? I've got a piece of paper tucked to the back of my desk with the number of work days until B-Fest. Not the number of days. That's on my calendar. The number of WORK days. As of this writing, I'm winding down on number 10.

My point is we're close, so let's hit a few logistics.

-The hotel room is booked and the roll-away is ordered.
-The tickets to Wait...Wait are at the will call window for me and Matt, Chad will be enjoying rum through a straw at the Hali Kahiki. God speed.
-Bill is still coming, though he might not be there until Friday. Truth be told, after the fest I don't care where I sleep so long as it's flat, relatively soft and free of flickering light or douch bags playing Dungeons and Dragons behind me.
-My CD for the way down is basically done. I've also figured out what my DVD carrying case, which holds 22 DVDs, will include, though that list is likely to change several times between now and the fest.
-Skip has the tickets. Skp is the man.

Finally, and I'm just floating this here, what would it be like to leave for Omaha on Wednesday night? We'd have a jump on the black hole, we'd miss rush hour in Omaha maybe and it would allow us a good three to four hours of guitar hero before hand.

Also, has anyone's thoughts changed on Cloverfield. I'm thinking I might like to go, though I'm easily disuaded. Oh look, there's a bunny outside.

By Grabthar's Hammer, I will make it through next week. And half of the week after that!


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