Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The What

The invitations are out. No turning back now.

The thing about the invitations is there isn't a lot of room to really explain what it is you're doing, so in the next few posts I figured explain a little more about the core questions - the whos and whats and whys of this conceded little enterprise of mine.

So tonight, it's the "what." If you show up to The Grand Theater around 9 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 11, what can you expect?

For starters, my sister Katie has been kind enough to agree to tend bar. I have a tentative OK from the Grand folks to set up a small bar in the concession stand, with a few free drinks and my own home brew as the offerings. We'll have music playing through the cavernous and gorgeous old auditorium of The Grand. Whether or not it's live music is still something I'm trying to nail down, but there will be something.

If you've never been to The Grand, check out www.grandmovietheater.com. The story of this theater is remarkable - a few business owners who hated to see a historic theater die poured their sweat and passion into the project, and their success has both been well deserved and well beyond what anyone had hoped. The Grand Theater Board are an inspiration and I'm humbled at the venue, even if it is as intimidating as hell.

The show will consist of four parts. Part one - Chad Plambeck, our MC will come out and talk a bit about this experiment. He'll probably call me some names, which will be well deserved. Part 2 - Omaha's own Matt Campbell, a very smart and funny man, will take the stage for 20 minutes or so. On to part thee, I will do about 45 minutes of stand up, followed by part four, socializing to live or canned music, depending on who I can find.

The whole affair, with any luck, should wind down around 11 p.m. - midnight.

I'll get to the "why" in another post, but I do want to express grattitude that I have friends and family who would a) get a kick out of this and b) actually make an effort to attend. It makes me feel brave enough to give this a shot.


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