Monday, January 14, 2008

B-Fest Update No. WEV

God, I love Telstar. I believe the "Dennis" is going to be the first inside joke of B-Fest '08. And oh, what a joke. Subversive and adventurous, yet perfectly attuned to the sensabilities of our little tribe. Of course, after the overnight, "Dennis" is going to look like peaches and cream, I'm afraid. Zardoz alone could probably do it, but the overnight...JIGOO!

Onto the final plans, cobbled together from various e-mails, conversations and imaginings. Also, sorry I've been MIA recently, but I've had a triple whammy of car trouble, a baptism ceremony to plan and a potentially serious health condition I had to deal with in one 72-hour period. Let me say this - the phrase 'we're pretty sure it's not a tumor' has the exact opposite effect as the reassurance my health care professional intended. No fun. But this will be fun. Dennis. HA! See, I told you this would be fun.

The line-up as it stands: Chad, Matt and Mike. No Bill, to our disadvantage. Matt, your brother was interested...we might be able to make that happen if he's so inclined. If it's too late, we'll catch him some year soon. Call me selfish, but something about me likes the idea "three men, three beds." Call me old fashioned. I am currently driving the minivan (oh shit, RED LIGHT), and everything seems 10-4. It's a little smoky on account of my father-in-law, the check engine light is on but I'm told that happens all the time, and the space inside feels like an amphitheater compared to the cramped conditions to which we are accustomed. We even have the option of taking out the third seat and putting in a little table, which I'm thinking of doing.

As far as tech, Matt will be bringing his big portable DVD player again? I will be bringing my lap top for the trip to and from Omaha, just in case, so we will not be without movie. As far as Chad's tech question about the DVD player in the hotel room, I refer to Matt, since I know about as much about AV as I know about driving. Or navigating. Or stringing together coherent sentences. Either way, ask Matt. DENNIS!

My schedule works better if we leave GI between 4 and 4:30 on Thursday morning and high tail it to Chicago. We should be there in plenty of time and it's best to spare your mother the site of the three of us together for an evening. Travel wise, I figure the worst case scenario is we crash the van and suffer for hours in intense pain before we die. Slightly further down the line is we get there around 4 p.m., rush hour prohibits mass transit and Matt and I take a cab to the Chase Auditorium in DT Chicago. If we get there early enough and feel comfy with the L, we'll take it and Chad can hitch a ride to the Hali Kahiki, or take the minivan. If we take a cab, Chad can still take the minivan.

Can I count on one of you to navigate us to the hotel again? Like I said, me and directions are like fingers and car door. Also, is Cloverfield still on? What say the BHODMAS. I'm all for shopping and hanging out or going to the flick of there's a significant contingent. There's a certain twisted logic in seeing a movie before a film festival. It's hard core like fingers and car door. Motha fucka.

And there she sits. B-Fest 08 in a matter of days. 72 hours from now we'll be watching something blow up on a tiny screen piped through a big stereo system, stretching our legs, drinking some Brawndo (it's got what plants crave) and steeling our synapses for the site of Sir Connery in a red diaper and the possibility of meeting Mo Rocca or drinking rum through a straw. We'r ff to se the zard o z. Among other things.



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