Tuesday, January 13, 2009

B-Fest Update Number 3

Top 10 Things A&O Films Is Doing Instead of Putting Out The B-Fest 09 Schedule:

10) Trying to find a film starring William Shatner that hasn't been shown.

9) Laughing hysterically at monkeys in diapers.

8) Trying desperately to repair the print of "Wizard of Speed and Time" so it can make it just one more year.

7) Trying to find a projectionist who'll sit through a Roger Coreman snooze fest AND Plan 9 in one sitting.

6) Hooking up and smoking weed while all the while being watched by that creepy guy in the bushes with a fixation on blunt instruments...

5) Laughing at "The Adventures of Superscrew."

4) Wretching and shaking their head at "The Adventures of Superscrew."

3) Plotting which films will make Mike drowsey so he'll miss "The Adventures of Superscrew."

2) Trying to find a host more personable and good with a crowd than last year's host (it's going to be difficult!)

1) Probably learning stuff.

Well screw that. I want my B-Fest list. Now. It's gotten to the point where I'm refreshing my e-mail once every couple hours, at work or at home. I need to know, man. You can't go stag with this level of pain, you need to prepare and guard yourself if at all possible. This is psychological warfare and I'm not getting caught with a right hook of "Gassssssss" and a left hook of "Invasion of the Star Creatures" again.

Chad is off to the magic kingdom and won't return until Sunday, so no decision can be made at this time concerning when we'll leave GI. If I had to guess, I'd say Wednesday but it kind of depends on his schedule.

Apparently some on the BMMB are looking at a trip to mini-golf. I can't decide if I want a road type adventure that mini-golf would provide or if I'm more comfortable catching a flick and staying in the general vicinity of the fest. A decision probably should be considered.

You ever notice how B-Fest comes at just the right time? I've got relatives getting laid off and friends seperating from their wives, troubles at work that are keeping me up nights and persistent health problems. This seems like the time to go away for a while and do nothing but laugh with friends, drink out of coconut husks and generally have some fun. Now, if they'd only POST THE FREAKING LIST!!

Everything else is OK Go. Post predictions and preferences and we'll be back next week.


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