Friday, December 26, 2008

B-Fest 09 Update No. 1

You're a little slow on the uptake this year, Bockoven.

I know.

What the hell have you been doing?

Nothing terribly productive.

So there's something more important, something more splendid you have on the horizon, something more nerd-funk-tastic-orama-ding dong-eriffic on your itenerary that you've laxed actually planning for B-Fest 09? What the hell, man?

Look, I was off for a while but I'm on it now.

Forgive me for not feeling great about that.

Can I go over the specifics now?

Go to hell, slacker.

OK, let's start.

Who's Coming: Mike, Chad, Matt and first time newb b-fest virgin and soon-to-be-in-over-his-head Pat, brother of Matt, son of Mike (not that Mike) and...wait...this is getting confusing. Pat's coming too.

Transport: Remember the Windstar that brought us to and from the Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, The Home of Boss Tweed, the home of the president-elect, and then through the Black Hole past the shitty rest stops of Des Moines back to the plains of Nebraska? Yeah, we're taking that car again. It's roomy, the sound system is a solid B+ and I'm told it will get us there. I'm told.

Lodging: I have reservations for one room at the University Plaza again for the evenings of the 29th and 31st of January. The rooms are $119 a night and I have a request from my wife: We're willing to pick up one night and put the whole thing on our credit card. Is there any chance the three of you could chip in $40 or so a piece to cover the other night? If need be we can kick it down to $30 and I could throw $30 in the pot for the one night. Either way, I've got one night. If this really does get to be too much of a burden, please let me know and I'll see what I can swing, but any help would be appreciated.

The Cool Stuff: I've got movies. You've got movies. We've all got movies and half the fun of driving 1/4 of the way across the country to watch a bunch of lousy movies is WATCHING MORE MOVIES!! I'm also planning a trip to the Hali Kahiki (no expensive outings this year) but I have a capper - Sarah bought me a projector that we can hook up to anything with an AV cable. We can watch MORE MOVIES in our hotel room with a sheet and some tape. We can have others come over and watch movies and enjoy them as a group. Cool!

Tickets: I hear Matt's on that one. Or at least Matt's on top of Skip who's on top of that one. Wait...ah shit, I did it again. Let's just move on. Nothing to see. No jokes about Matt on top of Skip, no images of their two bodies writing together by candlelight as "Take My Breath Away" plays in the background, no fantasizing about the giggles each of their goatees would make on the other's foreheads...ah shit.

Misc: They could show "Baby Geniuses 3" and I'd go 'cause I love the trip, I love the travel and I love being with you guys. w00t!

More next week.